About the company
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   Open Joint Stok Company “Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation” is the largest manufacturer of textile products in Europe and CIS countries with the complete production cycle: from cotton processing and yarn production up to ready-made goods output. 
     The usage in the production of the best Swiss dyestuffs and import equipment allows the company to produce high-quality goods which favorably differ from the goods of the competitive companies. All fabrics and ready-made goods have excellent physical and mechanical properties, they are resistant to washing and mechanical influence, require minimal care and are durable. 
     Annually the specialists of our design-studio visit the largest international textile exhibitions and trend-show which are the source of inspiration and new ideas for the exclusive collections creation. Highly qualified specialists, the professionals in their field are the part of the strong team of the successful company. 
The products manufactured by Open JSC “BCPA”:

• Grey carded yarn from cotton fiber of type 4-5, open end, for knitting and weaving (Nm 54/1, Nm 50/1, Nm 40х1, Nm 34,5/1, Nm 20/1, Nm 40,0/2 Yantra);

• Grey carded yarn from cotton fiber of type 4-5, ring-spun, for knitting and weaving (Nm 40/2);

• Cotton-polyester yarn from cotton fiber of type 4-5, open-end, for weaving with 67% of grey PE (Nm 34,5/1, Nm 20/1);

• Cotton-polyester yarn from cotton fiber of type 4-5, open-end, for knitting (Nm 50/1).
     We produce grey, bleached, uni-dyed and printed fabrics of different weight from 84 to 244 g/m² and with the width from 90 to 295 сm. Fabrics production is presented by calico, sheeting, linen, dress and technical groups of fabric which are used: 
• for bed linen;

• for table linen;

• suit- and dress fabrics;

• fabrics for overall;

• bandage, gauze.

The pride of our company is the production of sateen which is very popular with our customers.
Ready-made goods:
• bed-linen sets (double, single, «Euro», «Duet»);

• souvenir goods (bed-linen sets)

• medical cloth;

• overall.

     Thorough quality control starts from the raw material selection and lasts up to the final product output. This is proved by the Certificate of Conformity of the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009, Hygiene Certificates of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus and Certificates of Conformity.  

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